4K Camera Pen,Pen Type Camera,Mini Security Camera, Nanny Cam,Pen-Shaped Camcorde with Taking Pictures/Recording Videos,Suitable for Home Security,Office,No Audio Recording Function

1.Starting up: Insert the SD card, press and hold the top button for 2 seconds, the green indicator always on, enter standby state. 2.Taking picture: In standby state,short press the top button, the green indicator flashes once and then always on,take a photo and save it automatically. 3.Video recording: In standby state, press and hold the top button for 2 seconds,the green indicator flashes twice and then turns off, and starts video recording. In recording state,short press the button once, the green indication will be always on and the video file will be automatically saved. 4.Power off: In standby state, press and hold the top button for 3-4 seconds,the red light turns on once , then turns off and shuts down. The camera pen will also automatically shut down after 60 seconds of standby without any operation. 5.Charging: Connect the power supply with the data cable to charge, the red light flashes slowly when charging, and the red light is always on when fully charged. 6.Time modification: (1)The camera pen generates automatically a time modification file named“time.txt”. (2)After connecting to the computer, modify it to the current time in the format shown in “time.txt”, and then save it. For example: 2022-10-30 11:50:23, modified to 2022-11-30 21:26:58 (3)After exiting the USB, restart the machine, the machine will automatically update the time to the changed time. 7.Writing: Rotate the pen head, the refill will automatically extend, then you can start writing. Rotate the pen head in the opposite direction, the refill will retract automatically.
【4K HD Camera Pen】: The product has smart design ,can protect your property and safety.With a touch of a button,the camera pen can record videos in 4K HD resolution(30 FPS) or take pictures in ultra high resolution.Provide you with clear videos and photos.(Attention:This camera pen does not have audio recording capabilities.)
【One-button Operation&Unique Design】: One button controls the power switch, no complicated operations are required.You can easily record videos and take pictures with one button without worrying about it making a sound. Unlike other camera pen, the lens of our product is placed in the pen holder.When shooting videos, you can swipe down the button to expose the lens and record.This design makes the lens more hidden and less noticeable.
【Excellent Performance】: ①Our products comes with a 32G SD card that can record about 3-4 hours continuously.(Support SD card up to 64GB) ②It can also be used as a writing pen.The package contains 5 refills, you can take notes or record important information with it. ③It has a internal lithium ion battery,which can be charged quickly.Fully charged in about an hour.
【Easy To Use】: There is no need for WiFi, bluetooth or app connection.Insert the Micro sd card. Turn on the camera, one key on/off lets you start/stop recording video immediately.Recorded files can be easily transferred to Windows/Mac computers using the included card reader.
【Applicable Places】: It can be clipped in your pockets,clip onto a notebook or use on your desk,very easy to carry out. You can use it to record videos anytime, anywhere.Record important moments you want to save!

Price: $39.99
(as of Jan 27,2023 11:14:50 UTC – Details)

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