Antminer T15 23TH/S Bitcoin Miner BTC Mining Machine with Power Supply – Used

Device status:Used,Tested Before Sale. Good Quality Condition.
Model: Antminer T15 (23Th)
Hash Rate:23TH/S
Power: 1541W
Chip size: 7nm
Noise level: 75db
Fan(s): 2
Voltage: 16V-18V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
Humidity: 5 – 95 %
Size: 176 x 205 x 279mm
Weight: 6600g

AntminerT15-23T is designed for mining SHA-256 algorythm with a maximum hash rate of23 Th/s, a power consumption of 1541W±10% and power efficiency of 67 W/Th.
This mining server uses the industry leading solutions and an optimised design.Machines are easy todeploy and adaptive to mining farms of different sizes.
Antminer T15 miner that can produce at a maximum of 23 TH/s hash rate with 1.541 KW power consumption. BitcoinSV, LitecoinCash, DGB-SHA,BitcoinCashABC,Peercoin, Bitcoin, and Myriad-SHA miner compatible with SHA-256 hashing algorithm.
T15 adopts an all-in-one design. The power supply of the mining machine is attached to the side of the mining machine. It can be placed upright or horizontally. The miner can choose the placement method you need according to the size of the mine rack.
This is a used machine, but its finability and calculation power are very good. We will replace the fan and clean it locally before transportation, so that it looks as good as new.Before transporting your machine, we will conduct an accurate test and send you the test video. The computing capacity of the machine is within the normal range。

Price: $199.99
(as of Dec 28,2022 11:33:45 UTC – Details)

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