Polaroid Lab Everything Box Starter Kit – Digital to Analog Polaroid Photo Printer (4969)

The Polaroid lab takes the digital and makes it Analog. From something on a screen to a tangible thing, a moment to be shared with a friend, an experience that you can hold in your hand. The everything box bundle includes two packs of I-type film and has everything you need to get started.
The Polaroid lab converts digital photos on your phone to real Polaroid prints through the Polaroid Originals app.
The Everything box includes two packs of Polaroid I-type film to start creating
The 3 element lens system converts digital phots to analog like magic.
Add Augmented Reality features to your photos with the Polaroid Originals app
Create your own collage of Polaroid prints using the Polaroid Originals app.

Price: $168.99
(as of Jan 26,2023 11:05:23 UTC – Details)

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