OLED LCD I2C Display Module Fsuoech 1.12 Inch 96×96 Pixel IIC Serial Port NodeMCU Display Board for Arduino ESP STM 4-pin Driver SH1107 White-Light



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Name:Fsuoech 1.12 Inch 96×96 White-Light OLED LCD I2C module
This OLED display module is 1.12” diagonal, it is made of 96×96 individual White OLED pixels, each one is turn on or off by the controller chip.
It works without backlight, that is, in a dark environment OLED display is higher compared to that of LCD display you will like the miniature for its crispness.
The Driver chip of this OLED is SH1107, which is compatible with IIC communication. So this module can be controlled by I2C. That is, except the VCC and GND, 2 wires would be needed when using 4-wires I2C mode.
There is also a simple switch-cap charge pump that turns 3.3v into a hight voltage drive for the OLEDs, making this module the easiest ways to get an OLED into your project

Features: OLED self-luminous, no backlight
Size: 1.12”
Driver IC: SH1107
Voltage: 3.3V DC
Viewing angle: > 160°
High resolution: 96 x 96
Working Temperature: -30°C~80°C
Color: White light
Module Size: 38mmx30mm x6mm
Screen material: glass, need good protection
Interface Type: IIC/I2C-4PIN
GND: Ground
VCC: 3.3V
SCL: I2C Serial Clock
SDA: I2C Serial Data

Applications: MP3, MP4, watch Head-mounted displays Meters and other intelligent instruments Design any pretty patterns for your beloved electronic devices!

Note: OLED is self-luminous, no backlight needed! It does not respond when you just connect it to the mains, you have to program it and work properly, then it will display normally.

Package including:
1pcs Fsuoech 1.12 Inch 96X96 White OLED Display Module, 1pcs 4pin line

IIC serial communication interface, simple wiring, only 2 signal lines, connected with the power supply with 4PIN line, easy to use;
Size: 1.12 inch, Resolution: 96*96, Color: White, Viewing angle: greater than 160 degrees, Supported platforms: for arduino, 51 series,ESP, STIM32 / 2, SCR chips,suitable for smart watches, Internet of things and other schemes
Low power consumption: 0.05W during normal operation, Support voltage: 3.3V DC, Working temperature: -30-80 degrees, Volume: 38MM * 30MM * 6MM, Driver IC: SH1107, Communication: IIC, only two I / O ports, No font: The software takes word modulo, Backlight: OLED self light, no backlight
Provide reference schematic diagrams and PCB source files, Arduino, STM32 and TK499 reference programs and other related materials


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