RETO Reto3D 35mm 3D Film Camera – Retro Lenticular 3D Effect Boomerang Wigglegram Camera

RETO3D – a 3D film camera featuring a triple-lens design, which captures an object with 3 slightly different angles to form 3 half-frame photos. Accompany the camera is our RETO3D App which helps stitch the photos to create 3D videos.
📷​ 35mm Film : suitable for 35mm negatives and slides, either colors or B&W
📷​ 3D Image : a 3D camera which carries a unique design can wiggle a still moment, giving a new life for 2D images
📷​ Built-in Flash : enable you to photograph day and night
📷​ Triple-Lens : a design which simultaneously captures the same object with three slightly different angles
📷​ IOS/Android App Available : a perfect accessory to go along with our RETO3D film camera – assists you in generating videos with 3D effect. Special editing features are also added to allow awesome customised designs of 3D images!

Price: $99.99 - $89.95
(as of Jan 30,2023 08:20:50 UTC – Details)

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