Vastarry Auto Clicker Suitable for Mobile Phone Tablet Touch Screen Device Automatic clicker Automatic Touch Screen clicker Bionic Random Click with Click Frequency Display (1 Host 8 Click)

Name: Touch Screen Device Screen Clicker
Brand: Vastarry
Function: It is used to automatically click on touch screen devices. It is often used in click games when you need to click a certain position frequently and quickly. The speed can be adjusted.
Dimensions: 95×63.2×15 mm
Color: black
Number of ports: support up to 8 devices working at the same time
Click frequency: 99 times in 1 second —— 1 time in 99 seconds

Space mapping technology, silent without hurting the screen
Built-in smart chip, smart bionic is safer
Digital display design, fashionable atmosphere light
One drag eight design, 8 heads are independent of each other
Eight devices are directly connected, and asynchronous speed regulation is more intelligent
The platform is fully compatible, both Android and Apple are available
Built-in battery, support charging while using
Plug and play, connect and use

Newly upgraded smart chip, smart random mode, simulating human hand bionic click, digital display screen design gorgeous atmosphere light, digital display screen second speed display, click speed is clear at a glance, gorgeous atmosphere light, full of sense of technology
8-way Type-C high-speed connector, one-to-eight design, independent speed regulation/random/cyclic/asynchronous, supports individual speed regulation of a single socket, with artificial intelligence algorithm, supports random click, cyclic asynchronous click, more intelligent anti-detection. 8 Click the head to work at the same time, like, order, game, live broadcast, and grab red envelopes simultaneously, support charging and use, 24 hours uninterrupted
Air mapping technology, sensitive click mute does not hurt the screen, light-sensitive air mapping click technology, bid farewell to traditional mechanical clicks, zero noise, no damage to the screen, more sensitive and stable clicks, no accidental clicks and touches.
The nano-mucosal suction cup comes with a 360° non-slip clip, and the click head suction cup is made of nano-mucosal material, which has strong viscosity and good adsorption force. It will not fall off when used for a long time. Washable, after a long time wash with water to restore the stickiness
Built-in battery supports charging and using, built-in imported polymer battery, built-in battery life, available at any time, MicroUSB charging interface, supports charging and using, 24 hours of uninterrupted click. Delicate and compact, easy to carry, lightweight and portable design, can be easily put in Pocket, click head detachable design for easy storage

Price: $52.99
(as of Jan 17,2023 19:40:58 UTC – Details)

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